Hello Highway - our flagship service

Hello Highway brings you the most affordable international and domestic services available today!  We offer top competitive rates to all over the world including the United States and Canada, with excellent voice quality.  Plus, you can enjoy our great rates using any phone you own - home, mobile, or office.  And don't worry, there are no pre-paid calling cards, special pin numbers or special codes for you to use. 

Want your business to have an international presence?  Want your friends and family to call you using a local number?  Hello Highway voice service is the service for you!

Additional Enhanced Services Coming Soon:

Interested in our enhanced services?  Send us an email at contactus@sipbound.com and we will send you all the exciting details!

Find-Me-Follow-Me - One Number Locator

  • Direct calls will find you at your current location, near or far

  • Numbers are pre-programmed for your most common locations (home, office, cell)

  • You can even program additional numbers so you an be reached at your hotel or client's office.

  • You have the choice of screening your calls or taking your calls directly

  • Users distribute one phone number to clients and colleagues and that number will dial directly to your home, office or mobile phone in whatever order you wish

  • You can now be available at all times to your friends, family and colleagues.

Fax To Email Services 

  • Ability to send faxes from any computer, anytime

  • Send multiple faxes with the click of a button

  • Faxes may be received even when a computer is turned off

  • Improved confidentiality - you have independent access

  • No paper or ink needed

  • No fax machines

  • No busy signals

  • No dedicated phone line

Enhanced  Voicemail

  • Includes distribution lists, message delivery to mailboxes, email addresses and telephone numbers

  • Directory dialing by first or last name

  • Forward calls, or call-back calls with the push of a button or voice command

Remind-Me Service

  • Provides appointment reminders, to-do reminders and wake-up services

  • Can set reminders by using the phone or web portal